About Avya Grace

I believe that music is a tool to stir emotion and vulnerability within the listener, to communicate a positive message, and to promote empathy. This is the philosophy that guides me in my career.

Live performance is where my passion lies, and I’m privileged to have performed at over a hundred events over Australasia. 

I’ve played at weddings with three guests and at weddings with three hundred in attendance - on beaches, rooftops, ballrooms and in forests; to every couple that has granted me this privilege, I am grateful.

Growing up, I was inspired by Brooke Fraser - and I aspire to emulate her gentle songstress approach to music. Learning from the way Amy Winehouse and Erykah Badu interpret the craft, my sound is distinctive in it’s soulful attributes. 

Music is powerful, and it is my 24/7. When I’m not performing, I am songwriting, recording, studying music and collaborating with other artists.

Whether you’re looking for a live singer, or simply some new music to listen to - I’m glad you’re here.